Stock Exchange Piece

In Stock Exchange Piece, French musician and philosopher Matthieu Saladin took the price and the 50-day Moving Average⁠1 of crude oil and gold during 50 days (between 4th of March and 22nd of April 2007, with a resolution of one datapoint for a day) and mapped them one-to-one (or unit-swapping as Saladin calls it) onto sinewaves.The prices are panned to the left while the 50-day MA sinewaves are panned to the right. Each day lasts one minute, which allows the listener to experience the acoustic phenomena resulting from the slow-moving sinewaves. These movements make the composition into a 50-minute slowly-evolving, minimalist drone piece. The composition is published by w.m.o/r records and can also be downloaded here.


1 The 50-day Moving Average is the average price of the stock during the last 50 days. The last 50 days prices are added together and divided by 50. The resulting number is the 50 day Moving Average. The Moving Average can be sued to predict the trend of a stock.

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