London Fix: making sound out of gold

About the piece

London Fix, Music Changing With the Price of Gold, An Environment of Continuous Electronic Music (2003), by the American composer Tom Hamilton, is a series of six sonifications of the gold price evolution at the London Stock Exchange. It was one of the first pieces that drew me to research sonification and hence I wanted to include this on my blog. I have asked Tom Hamilton a few question on how he got to create this work which he was very kind to answer.

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Stock Exchange Piece

In Stock Exchange Piece, French musician and philosopher Matthieu Saladin took the price and the 50-day Moving Average⁠1 of crude oil and gold during 50 days (between 4th of March and 22nd of April 2007, with a resolution of one datapoint for a day) and mapped them one-to-one (or unit-swapping as Saladin calls it) onto sinewaves. Continue reading “Stock Exchange Piece”