TwoTone: an easy introduction to sonification

Last week, An online sonification tool called Twotone, developed by Datavized Technologies and supported by Google News Initiative, was launched. It is an excellent and easy introduction to sonification: you can sonify data provided by Twotone or load your own data (basic xls, xlxl, csv, and ods files, with up to 2000 rows, and a header row).

The software maps the data by default to a 2-octave range (the higher the value, the higher the pitch) and a preset piano. Each note has the same duration. The user can fiddle with the parameters such as the range (1-3 octaves), scale, instrument, and the note duration. You can also change the tempo, which will allow playing an arpeggio instead of a single note. Data-wise, the data can be filtered so that only a certain rage will be sonified.

Finally, the user can add an audiotrack to complement the sonification, and the whole sonification can be exported as an audio file.

This is obviously not the most advanced sonification (you cannot really fiddle with the mappings) but it can serve as a quick tool to explain sonification. It will continue development so I am looking forward to seeing it expand its capabilities. Although Twotone is not art-related per-sé, I think it demonstrates that sonification is becoming more mainstream, and therefore, I think it makes sense to have it on my blog.



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