Stanley cup

 Stanley Cup is a sonification of the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs goals. Bard Edlund sourced the data from and Wikipedia and combined the sonification with a visualisation. I would like to thank Bard for answering some questions via email.


When a team scores, a specific note, chosen from a G major pentatonic scale (unchangeable during the whole piece), sounds. The teams are divided into a western and eastern division, which is reflected by using a different instrument (based on a kalimba sound) for each division. The assigned pitch is dependent on the ranking of the team (the higher the ranking, the higher the pitch). The goals are played at a speed of two goals per second and are played in a parallel way: all games of the first round are put next to each other and are the goals are played in chronological order following the order in the games.

For example: Team A scores at the seventh minute in game 1. Meanwhile in game 2, team C scores at the eleventh minute. Then team A scores again in their game at the twentieth minute. The sequence will then be goal team A- goal team C- goal team A.

The sonification is the cumulative scoring of all teams relative to each other throughout the tournament. 

To embellish the sonification, the artist included a steel lap guitar loop and a drum beat. Edlund describes this work as ambient data art.


Two times per second a puck flies from the centre pitch to the scoring team’s goalpost. Growing from the centre, the cumulative penalty minutes are displayed. Knocked-out teams names’ are greyed out.

About the artist

Bard Edlund is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on visual animation. He works with data visualisation and has recently created Nebula, a new animation series. Check out his website, his work is witty and original.


The Stanley Cup logo, used as the featured image, comes from Wikipedia. By Source, Fair use,

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