O Coro dos Minerais: poetic sonifications of minerals

O Coro dos Minerais (The Mineral Choir) is a residency project at the Museum of Mines and Metals in Belo Horizonte. As part of the Comciência program, I was selected with other artists to do a residency around the collection and the theme of the museum, using parts of their collection. Given the pandemic, some artists like me worked completely remotely and got help from the staff through Zoom sessions. With the Mineral Choir, I wanted to create sonification of minerals.

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The Poseidon Project and Fault Trace

The Poseidon Project and Fault Trace are two works by David Johnson. Both works are sonifications of seismic data but they are quite distinct.

The Poseidon Project

The Poseidon Project uses 100 years of seismic data, sourced from the United States Geological Survey (which is a really good source for seismic data and geological data in general). Continue reading “The Poseidon Project and Fault Trace”

Rock Music: Granular and Stochastic Synthesis based on the Matanuska Glacier

Moving from social media to environmental data, today I discuss Mara Helmuth’s Rock Music, a sonification of the melting of an Alaskan glacier.

Mara Helmuth uses data from sediment granulation in a lake formed by the melting of the Matanuska glacier in Alaska during a 24-hour period. Time, grain size and grain frequency were measured and mapped onto parameters for waveform, additive, granular and physical modelling synthesis. Continue reading “Rock Music: Granular and Stochastic Synthesis based on the Matanuska Glacier”