A big update to the Sonification Art database

I have made a rather substantial update to the database. It contains now 256 projects, making it an interesting catalogue for sonification art. Besides adding new works, I also cleaned up some things. I think the database is pretty varied and can be a resource for anyone who wants to work with sonification and data-driven storytelling. Practically, I kept it as a Google Sheet. It’s not very fancy but this way you have an easy overview of all the data. You can have a look here (non-editable spreadsheet).

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Conductor: the sound of the New York subway

Conductor, by Alexander Chen, is a webpage that sonifies the new York subway schedule. The webpage draws the New York subway map onscreen in order of the schedule and when a lines crosses another one,  it triggers a note, akin to pulling a string. Conductor uses a combination of HTML, Javascript and Flash. Continue reading “Conductor: the sound of the New York subway”